Meet Our Team Of Passionate Volunteers

Nik's Wish is driven by a core team of passionate volunteers who generously give their time, talents, and what they can afford to help enable wishes to come true. This involves administration, hospital outreach, fundraising events, and working with the young adults and their families. A good portion of the volunteers' donations cover the foundation's overhead costs, so that your support goes directly to Bringing JOY to young adults fighting cancer.

Meet Our Development Director

Nik's Wish is proud to announce our first staff position, Development Director. Our ambition is to keep Nik's Wish delivering JOY as until there is a cure for cancer. Our Development Director will help us develop relationships with individuals, partners and corporations who are compassionate about helping young adults fighting cancer.

Meet Tammy English, Development Director

With more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector, including service on various non-profit boards, Tammy brings a unique perspective with a strong focus on donor cultivation and stewardship. She has been instrumental in fostering community partner relationships to advance the mission of organizations that meet the needs of the communities they are in. Additionally, Tammy currently serves as the Public Relations Chair of the Rockford Network of Professional Women.

Tammy is also a proud US Navy Veteran, serving in the Gulf during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. She was also a missionary that served in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and assisted in Waveland, Mississippi with the hurricane Katrina relief efforts. With her passion for giving back, Tammy also continues to volunteer with other local organizations.

Tammy has one son who lives with his family in Beloit, WI. Her passion and extensive non-profit experience will be significant in furthering the mission of the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation to BRING JOY to young adults and their families battling cancer.

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Wish Makers

Wish Makers are the Heart of the NRF

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Nik's Wish provides grants to young adults (18-24), and their families, fighting cancer. The current average cost of fulfilling a wish is $7500. Once a wish is granted, a dedicated, volunteer Wish Maker (with a heart of gold) will work closely with the Wisher and their family, making all the arrangements to fulfill the wish; so the Wisher and their family can truly enjoy their wish experience and precious time together without having to worry about all the many details involved.

Wish Angels

Wish Angels are helping us BRING JOY in their home state!
The Story of our Alamaba Angel

In the fall of 2022, Nik's Wish got an application from a young man named Joseph Thompson from Alabama fighting terminal brain cancer with a wish request to go to the Kentucky Derby. His wish was granted, but his mind was not on the Derby, it was focused on joining our Nik's Wish Team and helping others fighting cancer. Kelli, founder of Nik's Wish, encouraged him to have fun on his wish and we would look at having him join once he had his wish. But Joe was determined to pursue a life of purpose with Nik's Wish and soon was named a Nik's Wish Spokesperson for Alabama.

Inspired by Joe's story, Mary, from More Good Today, donated wish funding Joe to deliver his first wish. Mary would surprise him & his family with the news and shared the story! Mary's video spread quickly across the nation and before long, we had Nik's Wish Angels in 6 states. Joe's giant heart and passion for others ignited our Wish Angel team!

Joe delivered 3 wishes and raised over $29K before cancer took his life on December 27, 2023.

Story of the Alabama Angel

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Meet our Nik's Wish Angels


Missouri Wish Angel

"I joined Nik's Wish to bring the same JOY that I received back in 2021 as a Nik's Wish recipient! My goal is to bring hope to these young adult fighters when they need it the most."


Florida Wish Angel

"I became an Angel because my brother benefited from a wish in 2019. We created memories as a family in Hawaii, that without Nik's wish, probably wouldn't have happened. My goal is to help other wishers create precious memories with their family during their cancer journey!"


Utah Wish Angel

I became an angel because everything about Nik's Wish inspired me and I knew I just had to be part of this amazing foundation.


Alabama Wish Angel

I became a wish Angel to spread awareness of this wonderful organization! And to support these young adults fighting cancer, LIKE ME!


Alaska Wish Angel

I became an angel because I cannot think of a greater privilege than bringing joy to those who need it the most


Tennessee Wish Angel

I became an Angel because of the astounding work Nik's Wish does. My goal is to bring joy to more patients throughout their journey. This foundation is a beacon of joy to so many , and I'm so thankful to be a part of it.

*Foundation Board

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