Meet Our Team Of Passionate Volunteers

Nik's Wish is driven by a core team of passionate volunteers who generously give their time, talents, and what they can afford to help enable wishes to come true. This involves administration, hospital outreach, fund raising events, and working with the young adults and their families. A good portion of the volunteers' donations cover the foundation's overhead costs, so 100% of your support goes directly to enriching the lives of young adults fighting cancer.


Allegra Sunday
Bill Kalma
Brian Lyngaas
Chris Ritschel (Homer)
Christie Castillo
Cindy Eckholm
Claudia Gonzalez Egelhoff
Dea Abrahams
Deb Dimmick
Glendia Strandin
Jessica Grunzke
Jim Egan
John Strandin
Jon Dimmick
Josh Michalsen
Judi Boehle
Kelli Ritschel Boehle *
Kim Williams
Klint Egelhoff
Kristi Erickson
Linda Granneman
Lisa Rylatt
Lydia Bainter *
Susan Sunday
Thomas Hilbert *
Tracy Egan

Wish Makers

Wish Makers are the Heart of the NRF

Bill Kalma | Claudia Gonzalez Egelhoff | Judi Boehle | Mary Zell | Linda Granneman | Joe Granneman | Lydia Bainter | Jody Kalma | Kathy Reynolds | Kathy Sommer | Klint Egelhoff | Tom Hilbert | Anna Eckholm | Kelli Ritschel Boehle | Denise Granneman | Lexi Hazen | Lauren Cogan | Jim Egan | Patrick Cogan | Wendy Symonds

Nik's Wish provides grants to young adults (18-24), and their families, fighting cancer. The current average cost of fulfilling a wish is $6000. Once a wish is granted, a dedicated, volunteer Wish Maker (with a heart of gold) will work closely with the Wisher and their family, making all the arrangements to fulfill the wish; so the Wisher and their family can truly enjoy their wish experience and precious time together without having to worry about all the many details involved.

*Foundation Board

Kelli Ritschel Boehle I Tom Hilbert I Lydia Bainter