What is a Nik’s Wish?
Nik believed in the power of a wish to bring hope, happiness during the cancer battle. The goal of the Nik's Wish Grant Program is to recognize the courage and determination of these inspirational cancer warriors by offering wish trips or other life enrichment to them and their families in the hopes of alleviating some of the many emotional and psychological challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. Our hope is that the grant provides precious moments of joy-filled with laughter and smiles.

How to Apply
To apply, please use the online submission form below and send the additional requested attachments to:

Email: Info@nikswish.org
or Mail to:

The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation
P.O. Box 8076
Rockford, IL 61026

Who is Eligible?
Nik's wish is limited to young adults diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 18-24 who did not receive other wishes in the last 5 years and reside in the United States.