Hope Hero: $1,000 - $5,999 Along with other donors, your gift of hope will be recognized on our website as our Hope Heroes. You will receive a Hope Hero pin to wear proudly!

Memory Maker: $6,000 - $9,999 This is a unique opportunity to directly fulfill the wish of a young adult fighting cancer. We'll tell you all about the young adult you're helping and share their wish experience. On our website, next to their story, you will be listed as their Memory Maker.

Love Wins: $10,000 - $24,000 Keep love winning and beating cancer by bringing moments of happiness to many young adults and their loved ones fighting cancer. You will receive an acrylic heart to proudly display. You will be listed both on our website and at all of our promotional events.

Wish Warrior: $25,000 and up Join in the cancer fight by becoming a wish warrior. You will receive quarterly updates on all the young adults we're helping and the joyful moments they experience with their wishes. Our Wish Warriors are proudly listed on our website, and at all events and media mentions. You will be invited to join us in surprising the young adult with a recorded, celebratory presentation of their granted wish. Then you can share the inevitable joy and fun of this event with your organization as you Take One Step to help.

Please consider making a multi-year commitment to ensure our efforts are focused on delivering as many moments of happiness as possible.

Help Us Bring Joy

We are not asking for donations. We are just asking that you consider shopping at a different store for basic essentials that you are already purchasing somewhere else. Nik's Foundation will benefit, month after month, year after year when you become a customer.

Our niche is Wellness products of Higher Quality and Better Value

Through your participation in this fundraiser, you will be helping to fulfil the mission of the foundation, which is to enrich, encourage, and strengthen the faith and hope of our young adult cancer warriors. During a period where good news is difficult to find, the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation is able to provide a helping hand that can truly change the life of the young cancer warrior and their family. See contact information below for the Foundation to receive credit.

It is an honor and privilege to be working with Kelli and Lydia on this project and hope that you will join us in supporting this very worthy cause.