Grant Criteria

The mission of The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation is to enrich the lives, stimulate encouragement, and strengthen the faith of cancer patients who are between 18-24 years old and their loved ones. All we ask is that you complete the one-page application below, stating the need for a respite or other enrichment you would like this grant to help you fulfill. We need you to include a photo of the patient and have your hospital social worker and/or oncologist sign and date the application as well. If your application is approved, we request that you send an updated photo and brief message telling us how you used your grant award and keep us posted on your progress.

Timing and Grant amounts

The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation puts in tremendous effort putting together a nice experience for you and your loved ones. The guidelines below will help to set your expectations for what is included.

Your wish may be valued up to $5,000.00 in goods or services and must be approved by our board of directors (we do not give money as wishes). Wishes are reviewed to ensure they meet the objectives of our mission to enrich lives, stimulate encouragement, and strengthen faith. Grants are limited to a single wish.

Travel wishes are limited to the United States and require at least 45 days in advance of the dates you would like to travel and must the approval of your oncologist. We will send the family members living in the home with you. Any others would need special approval and it may limit the days of the trip.

Please note, respite trips awarded do expire and must be used by the patient by the age of 28.

Follow Up Requirements

If your grant application is approved, The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation asks that you share your happiness with us! We love to see you smile! If you elect a respite, we may ask for feedback and pictures about your respite experience. The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation requests permission from all grantees to use the patient’s and family’s names, story, and pictures to help raise awareness for The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation and to increase awareness of cancer and young adolescent cancer and the need for funding for an unlimited period of time in all media.

Although our goal is to help every applicant, we are limited to the funds available through our generous donors, sponsors and fundraising efforts. All aplicants must complete the the application process, each application is review and must be approved.  Completing and submitting this form, does not guarantee a grant will be rewarded.